Our Impact

From facilitating the creation of a circular economy, to collaborating with like-minded partners in making better environmental choices, we are on the path to achieve our mission of synergising people, planet and profits.
INR 0 + lakh
generated in wages for
marginalised groups
0 +
trees planted in Karnataka
to achieve carbon neutrality
INR 0 + lakh
invested in improving
health outcomes
0 + tonnes
of plastic kept away from landfills &
waterways via repurposing and recycling

Our Impact Extends Beyond These Figures
and Into the Communities We Serve

At a Hanger Unit, Minta Weaves a Future of Possibilities

Married for 18 years now, 36-year-old Minta likes to believe in the strategic play of life.

“Financial difficulty is something that I have always had to live with. I wanted to be a teacher, but my parents, having four children to take care of, forced me to drop out and get married even before I was ready,” she said.

But today, Minta works in the sorting unit at Mohammadpur, and her daily responsibilities include sorting good hangers, removing stickers, packing the sorted hangers or breaking the rejected hangers. She earns approximately INR 11,000 per month.

Minta adds that her work-life routine has given her life meaning, and she looks forward to coming to work every day. Further Minta shared, “Working in the hanger unit has given my family the strength to overcome our never-ending poverty. For the last two months, I have been able to provide my family with three meals a day. I am still in a lot of debt that I am working hard to pay off, but my husband has found some job that will allow us to make little more money for the family. However, unlike the old times, I do not feel helpless and worried about his lack of earnings anymore. I am confident that my hanger unit will support my family with their needs.

Sanjay Feels More Stable and Respected Today!

Having never believed in a stable job, Sanjay has changed over half a dozen jobs in the past.

“No one treated us like humans. I was always treated like a bonded labourer until I started working in the hanger unit,” he said.

36-year-old Sanjay Singh is a migrant resident of Mohammadpur, Gurgaon. Originally from a small town in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, Sanjay migrated to the national capital with his wife and two children.

“The work culture at the hanger unit is unbelievable compared to my last workplace. Here, I am respected and treated as an equal. Being the line supervisor, I directly manage the immediate workforce. We are all like a family now,” he added.

Sanjay joined the Hanger Unit and became one of the first hired labourers in the Fuzhio-run Hanger Sorting Unit in Mohammadpur. According to him, this livelihood opportunity at the Hanger Sorting Unit has come to him as “God’s Blessing” which has saved him from his “ongoing unemployment struggle” of the last two years.

At the unit, Sanjay, being senior among the labourers, is given the role of supervising the work of his fellow workers. As part of his role, he helps other labourers with quality checks, data entry, loading-unloading work and more.

For Sanjay, the last two years of unemployment have taught him many lessons on the personal front. Therefore, getting back to work and earning his family some income has brought some peace at his home. Now, he only wishes that this stability continues forever in his life.

Satyavani Flexes the Gap with a Spirit!

A 24-year-old resident of Gulbarga colony, G. Satyavani, counts herself to be a successful mother of two children.

Originally from Bellandur, Tamil Nadu, she has spent 15 good years in Bangalore. Though she has always aspired to complete her education, she was forced to drop out when she was in grade 7. She is modest, empathetic and likes to live in reality. She currently lives with her family of four—including her mother, her brother and her two children (one boy, who is 4 years old, and one girl, who is 2 years old) in Bommanahali, Bangalore.

Speaking fondly about the work environment at the unit, Satyavani said, “Everybody in this job speaks nicely to me, even sir.”

The schedule provides her with the stability to come in at 9:30 am and leave by 6 pm. The lunch breaks are a bit more relaxed, so she’s able to step outside for some much-needed fresh air. She started out with easier tasks, and now her role has transitioned to checking the quality of the hangers, sorting the hangers and taking inventory, which she finds more difficult.

Although this job has its flaws, as she confidently points out, she’s able to step up to the challenges that come along with it. This opportunity provides her with the ability to support her family and, most importantly, her children as a single mother.